The Fireplace system must be periodically examined; it is recommended by most brands that this examination is done by a qualified person. 

Cleaning The Glass: When the fireplace is cool, remove the glass door. See Maintenance and Service - Glass Door Removal. Check the gasket material on the back of the glass, making sure that it is attached and intact. During a cold start up, condensation will form on the glass. This is a normal condition with all fireplaces. However, this condensation can allow dust and lint to cling to the glass surface. Initial paint curing of the appliance can leave a slight film on the glass. The glass will need cleaning after the fireplace has cooled off from the first burn and about two weeks after first burn. Use a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Abrasive cleaners will damage the glass and painted surfaces. Depending on the amount of use, the glass should require cleaning no more than two or three times a season. Do not clean the glass when it is hot.

CHecking the electrical system and components: 

Checking the vent system :

Cleaning The Firebox: Remove the logs carefully, as they are very fragile. Gently remove all the embers and rock wool and place on a paper towel. Vacuum the bottom of the firebox thoroughly. Carefully clean any dust off the logs and remove any lint from the burner and pilot. At this time, inspect the burner tube for cracking or severe warping. If a problem is suspected, contact the dealer. Check the logs for deterioration or large amounts of soot; a small amount on the logs is normal. Replace the logs and embers as in the Secondary Installation - Log Set and Ember Installation section. If new/more embers and rock wool are required, contact your nearest ENVIRO dealer.

Replacing The Glass: The glass in the fireplace is a high temperature ceramic. If the glass is damaged in any way, a factory replacement is required (see Parts List). Wear gloves when handling damaged glass door assembly to prevent personal injury. Do not operate with the glass front removed, cracked or broken. Removal and replacement of the glass from the door must be done by a licensed or qualified service person. The glass must be purchased from an ENVIRO dealer. No substitute materials are allowed. Remove the door (see page 11). The replacement glass will come with a new gasket installed. Remove any silicone remnants from the door. Apply high temperature silicone to the two vertical faces of the door and install the new piece of glass with gasket (be sure to maintain edge clearances). Apply even pressure to the glass to allow the silicone to adhere to the gasket material. 10 Check Pilot and Burner Flames: Periodically do a visual check of the pilot flames. One flame should encompass the ignitor and thermocouple and the other should burn over the burner ports (see Figure 7). Also check that the burner is operating correctly, refer to Venturi Adjustment section.

Cleaning The Painted Surfaces: Painted surfaces should be periodically wiped with a damp cloth when the unit is cool. Warning: Do not touch or attempt to remove the glass if the fireplace is not completely cool. Never operate the fireplace with the glass removed. Caution glass may Separate from door.  

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